AMCOR Directory

This directory will help you find websites that are certified by AMCOR. Online companies with AMCOR certification, and that maintain the high standards set by AMCOR for the best privacy policies are listed here. These clients recognize the effect our certified privacy seal, and its reputation has on customer decisions.
Learn more about the companies and the certified programs here. Type in the website URL, program or company name to begin searching.

  • For certifications related to websites, you should search by URL on the website of inquiry e.g. with no added details after domain name; this is typically the best way to check a site.
  • For searches by company name, we suggest using the name listed in the AMCOR certification page when you click an AMCOR seal. Alternately, try the name listed in the privacy policy. Note that companies with abbreviated common names might be listed with full names instead. name.

File a Dispute
Concerns or unresolved privacy complaints with AMCOR certified companies can be handled by filing a dispute at no charge through the AMCOR Feedback and Resolution System.