Privacy Solutions for B2B Brands

Business Challenges

– B2B brands gather and use customer information to customize their content and the user engagement on your site and mobile apps. By increasing the amount of information being used and collected comes a higher risk to privacy, your brand and compliance.

– Your information is shared with third parties, these third parties deliver a variety of different services ranging from site analytics to e-commerce logistics, these third parties need to be screened to make sure that they don’t pose a threat to privacy or security.

– Your company is growing and has reached new geographical markets, you must make sure that you are in compliance with local regulatory requirements. An example of one of these requirements would be the EU Data Privacy Directive.

– You’ve built your brand by investing a great amount of both time and money. Now you need to further protect your investment, by proving to your customers that they can trust you to keep their personal information safe.

– If introducing SaaS or Cloud based offerings, you will need to show your customers that you can meet the high privacy standards related to them, while also staying compliant with specific data processing requirements.

– You wish to invest yourself in the focal point of your business, and don’t have the time or knowledge to monitor and maintain compliance across ever changing privacy standards.

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