Solutions for App Developers

Business Challenges

– Developing apps can open doors to a vast and rapidly expanding market. With that though comes all the new challenges such as managing multiple platforms and device sizes, identification systems without cookies, and various government and industry guidelines that have to followed.

– You gather and use consumer information to help you customize your applications, this however creates problems with privacy risks.

– If you can manage to engage users and drive downloads, then you will be successful, but if your customers don’t trust your brand, the chances of them sharing their personal information is unlikely.

– Tapping into the benefits of geographical and behaviourally targeted ads most likely are on your agenda. However you probably have concerns over privacy issues, technical difficulty, and the cost of creating consumer opt out controls.

– Your company is experiencing quick growth into new geographical markets, new people in your network, potential acquisitions, etc. With all these new occurrences, also come new challenges when it comes to privacy.

– You wish to invest yourself in the focal point of your business, and don’t have the time or knowledge to monitor and maintain compliance across ever changing privacy standards.

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