Resolving Disputes

AMCOR Clients Adhere to High Standards of Privacy
At AMCOR, our clients are held to the highest online privacy standards. Everything possible is done to help client’s websites protect the privacy of their personal information, but we also expect vigilance on your behalf. The integrity of our seal programs is backed up with Dispute Resolution Program, which is administered online and allows users to hold AMCOR clients accountable.
AMCOR has an online tool, its Dispute Resolution Form, that allows you to simply and quickly report any violations of posted privacy policies or any online privacy issues as they pertain to AMCOR clients.
AMCOR client sites. AMCOR will investigate each complaints and mediate a solution between its users and websites.

Before completing the Dispute Resolution Form, take these steps:

  • Confirm the site is an AMCOR client
  • Contact the client Website and attempt a resolution first
  • Verify the complaint is a privacy issue, and relates to the AMCOR client site

If the AMCOR member website does not quickly and satisfactorily resolve the complaint, AMCOR will review the situation, make sure it is an eligible complaint and mediate on your behalf.