Your Website’s Security

Think about synchronizing your privacy and security.

Many company’s security and privacy teams strive for the same goals, however not all of them work together. In the event that you have separate teams working on each, then you may want to merge the two, or at least get them to work hand in hand with one another, to further protect your customers privacy.

When is SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption important to your website ?
SSL encryption is a security feature that companies must perform if they are collecting important customer information online. Some examples of that information are : credit card numbers, bank information (including routing and tracking numbers), social security number, tax ID numbers, etc. You should also protect yourself from common mistakes, like failing to encrypt login pages, or password recovery pages. SSL encryption for certain pages is more than just an AMCOR requirement, it’s also a great way to gain consumer trust.

Prepare for security breaches
Familiarize yourself with security-breach information laws that might be applicable to your company, and be sure to build a team of members to respond to incidents promptly and efficiently.

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