Personally Identifiable Information of Your Customers

Treat PII used for testimonials, respectfully.

Many websites which are certified by AMCOR, use customer testimonials to solidify marketing messages and lend credibility to their company. If posting testimonials that include PII, AMCOR offers some of the best practice guidelines.

Inform customers if you are about to send their personally identifiable information somewhere else.

There could be cause for this if your company undergoes a merger, bankruptcy, acquisition, etc. You should always keep your customers informed in the event this should happen.

Determine whether or not changes that are made to your site are announced to all users of your site.

If you decide to change your approach to the way you collect and or handle the personal identifiable information of customers, you need to inform all users of the change, that way they can make a decision as to whether or not they wish to continue to share that information with you.

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