Solutions for Ad Networks and Platforms

Business Challenges

– Whether it be an ad network, SSP, DSP, exchange, etc., the goal is still the same, to collect, manage, and share a vast variety of consumer information. This information is then provided to customers, so that they can better manage their advertising programs. However it is extremely difficult to manage the data privacy guidelines.

– You seek to offer your customers new functionality such as geographically and behaviourally targeted ads, but have concerns about the cost and how difficult it would be to implement, as well as increased privacy risks.

– Of utmost importance to your business is partner trust, as well as customer trust. Developing and maintaining trust with government and industry regulatory bodies is also very important.

– Your company is facing change at a fast pace with transitioning to mobile, adoption of RTB, as well as expanding into fresh geographical markets, all of these factors pose new challenges relating to privacy.

– You wish to invest yourself in the focal point of your business, and don’t have the time or knowledge to monitor and maintain compliance across ever changing privacy standards.

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