AMCOR Data Privacy Management Platform

All of AMCOR’s products are fueled by our powerful cloud based data privacy management platform. Which allows you to drive engagement, build trust, and sustain compliance whether it be on your websites, Cloud/SaaS platforms, behaviourally targeted ads or mobile applications.

Business Challenges

– Your brand may be your most important asset, but your websites and mobile applications are a close second. Business success can be had or lost, whether you can manage to control data leakage, manage risks from third party trackers and optimizing site performance.

– You gather and use consumer information to customize content, match user interests to ads, and product recommendations. By doing this though, you generate brand, privacy, and compliance risks.

– 89% of consumers have made it known, they will not do business with companies that fail to protect their personal information. Therefore, customer trust is important to downloads, clicks, user engagement, driving transactions, etc.

– You wish to reap the rewards of behavioirally targeted ads, but have concerns about how complex of a task it is, as well as the potential cost of putting customer opt out controls in place.

– Your company is experiencing a transition into mobile, as well as a growing geographical market.

– You wish to focus on the main linchpin of your company, and don’t have the time or knowledge to tackle monitoring or constantly staying within compliance with ever changing privacy standards.

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