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– Your brand could possibly be the most important asset you have, and consumer trust will have a major impact one way or another on your business. By reassuring your customers that their information is in good hands with your company, you show them that they can put their trust in you.

– If your company plans to put a large scale data strategy in place, and plan to gather great amount of customer information in order to customize advertising and content, then plan for the notable compliance and risks that it will bring to your brand.

– The performance of your website can have major impact on the overall success of your business. To make sure your site is performing to its best you’ll need to keep information leakages down, as well as risks from third party trackers among other things.

– You want to gain control of behaviourally targeted ads, as well as using them to benefit your company. The concern though is that they may be too complex or costly to provide opt-out controls to the customer, or that the privacy risks associated with the ads may be too great.

– Your company is in a state of significant change, while transitioning to mobile as well as the broadening of your geographical market, both of which pose different problems.

– You want to be able spend your time and energy on the main focus of your company’s business, and don’t have the knowledge or time to spare, trying to keep up with all the ever changing privacy standards.

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